dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

Cross and skull it is

Hello dear readers,

Been away for a little while because of my first tests as a law student but finished them last week so i'm back on track.
Today some pictures of a chill outift on the couch, found this shirt in a bunch of shirts while cleaning up my closet.
It is actually a guy's shirt but love the dream-effect en ofcourse the skull. What about the earcuf? 
Bought lots of new earcuffs so you will be seeing them a lot the upcoming posts.

Hope you like the pictures,

love from Amsterdam, N.


woensdag 10 oktober 2012

Bizar fashionshow

Hey guys,

It's already the third day of the workweek. So far so good right?
Yesterday evening I went to a fashionshow of the brand Bizar (www.bizarfashion.com).
The fashion show took place at the Harbour club, so went there two times in a row.
Check this place out for yourself, it's amazing: www.theharbourclub.nl

I wore a taupe/grey dress with metallic features, big earrings and simple but chique leather ankleboots. I went with Didier and Kai (friend of Didier). We watched the show which wasn't a normal ''fashionweek-like-2-minute-show'', it was really long and even hard to stay focused in the end. There were lots of clothing pieces I liked and one dress in particulary. A black herve leger look-a-like. (WANTED)

After the show we had a last drink and drove into town to continue the party. We went to many gaybars (love it), and eventually went to Chez René (www.chez-rene.nl) and stayed there all night, what a fun bar! There was not one straight man (accept didier) so no worries for the boyfriend and no attention for me. Works for me.

Hope you like the pictures of the show and party afterwards.



maandag 8 oktober 2012

Shopping in Germany

Hello dear readers,
Busy surviving the worst day of the week?
Maybe thinking of it in a different way makes it a lot less worse, like:
- It's the beginning of a new week so lot of great opportunities
- 5 whole days to recover from a rough and exhausting weekend
- 5 days to make a crazy and wild plan for the upcoming weekend
Okay, it's true, monday should be erased or become the third day of the weekend so the difference between working days and the weekend is much more balanced. Hell of a plan right?
So talking about the weekend, this Saturday I took my granny and sisters out for a shopping trip in Germany. We had lots of fun and closed the day with delicious ''healthy'' food from KFC and McDonalds. Perfect Saturday for me with lots of food and shopping.
Hope you like the pictures,
Love, N.

zondag 7 oktober 2012

Elite cocktailparty

Good afternoon readers!

How is your sunday? lazy and useless as it should be after a long and rough night in the city?
Last friday I went to the cocktailparty of Elite model agency, the finals of Elite modellook Holland took place with a following party. It was so much fun! Went with my sister, who is a Elite model since two weeks: so PROUD!! That's why we got the tickets.
The party took place at The Harbour Club Amsterdam, which is an amazing club and everything was taken care off very well. Such a shame we couldn't go out afterwards because we had to take the last train to Hengelo because sister had to work the next morning, otherwise we would have stayed  at my place in Amsterdam. After all it was fine this way cause I was sick last week and still have a bad cold, so didn't go out this saturday. (boring)

Hope you had a great weekend and  like the pictures.



dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Less is more

Hello dear readers!

Ready for another week? I'm going to kick off this week with a simple outfit, all in grey but with electric blue shoes and matching nailpolish. I really love this colour, you'll see that in my future outfit posts.
I'm happy though that my hair is curly again, this is my natural hair (for those who didn't know it is).
Yet again no mascara or any of that, easy as it is.